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Does anyone have a rabbit that does something funny?

my rabbit plays with a ball. He pushes it with his head and jumps aroung.Does anyone have a rabbit that does something funny?
I used to have a house bunny,

When she growled fiercely and jumped at someone, she'd be called 'fang'

she was littertrained (although she dropped raisins over.

she and i would lie side by side catching sun rays

i would 'chin' her, (much like rabbits mark their property), then she would lick my hand, then I would 'chin' her again...

she would get up on furniture she knew was not permissable, but as i walked in the room she would go leaping off it. never failed to crack me up!

as she hopped around my feet as i read, she would grunt softly to herself, untying my shoelaces to get attention

i really miss her!

thanks for helping me go down memory lane!Does anyone have a rabbit that does something funny?
WELL...........I did NOT think it was very funny, and niether may u; but some people WILL be ROFL when they read this! When I was a kid, we raised rabbits........and chickens, geese and ducks.... but we always had ONE of the rabbits (and chickens, too) as a pet. Well, sometimes, he was angry, apparently. 3 or 4 times, while we kept him as a pet, as I would be bringing him his clover, pellets, and water, he would kick his hind legs directly at me, and, through the cage, he would spray me all over with....P!
he will lay in a lan char
we don't have this rabbit anymore

he was the best rabbit ever

he died of a heart attack :( we think, he just screamed one day and fell over adn didn't wake up

NEway... i always let him out on the lawn. He never ran away. I would just sit on our the lawn and watch him. He would sorta go out of site. Then the cats would all come and sit on my lap. Then all of a sudden he would do a jump and twist and run back to me. He would first scare all the cats away by chasing them and then he would jump on my lap :)
Plays sock like a dog plays with a ball and eat oreo cookies and barks like a dog and is litter trained
my rabbit runs figure eights around my to feet or whoever else is standing up near her...its funny!
used to have a black rabbit called basil who licked your skin with his tongue
lol oh my I though you were talking about a different kind of rabbit lol like the one I picked up for my g/f she loves it, but its not a bunny lol sorry!
He licks his butt.
Two of mine will sit up on the command ';up';. It's so cute.
that is just too cute!
I had a rabbit named Israel that was as funny to watch as the kittens, and just as smart. He would play hide and seek with them, and try to hide in my pant leg! He would run like a Chinese pug around the house, peeling out around the corners. As he passed his food dish, he'd screech to a stop and grab something small, then keep going.
my bunny rabit is potty trained,he uses a cat litter box with bed petting and he looks so cute when he jumps in there and do his business...........
THAT IS SOOO CUTE!!!!^^ i dont have a bunny but my friends bunny farts whenever someone holds him.
that's cute =) i wanna have a bunny like yours.
My Bunny will jump on my lap when I'm on the couch, carry a toilet paper roll around the house, come up to me and give me kisses all the time, she also likes to throw things.
My friend's rabbit can do flips! Literally!
I do,, mine does this to me, do you know what is invisable and smells like carrots?? he farts oh by the way ,, Do you know how to catch a unique rabbit??? You neak up on him,, and one more ,,,Do you know how to catch a tame rabbit??? Tame way,,,,,,uhuhuhuh,,ribet ribet poot
My current rabbit is white with gray ears and tail. She gives kissies.

My prior rabbit smoked and had a bad clutch.
He gives me kisses, turns over his food bowl when I leave him home for a whole day alone (and then stands next to it almost like he's saying ';You see what I did? Yeah, that's right!), when he hears a box rattle (like cereal when I'm getting myself something to eat, etc.) he thinks he's getting a treat and will be right at me feet, no matter where he was in the place. He also stands on his hind legs and goes in a circle on them for a treat. He also crawls like a soldier for treats. What else....he can, and does, jump from one couch to another (but not from the seat, from the backs!)...it's a good 5 foot jump, but he makes it every time. Oh, and he grunts at me a lot when I'm done petting him, but he's not.
Mine Tickles my LIPS
i used to have a rabbit that would thump when she was hungry or mad at me.

What type of pet rabbit is low maintenance and can live outdoor?

i'm a rabbit breeder and have been for at least 5 years now and ALL of my rabbits are outside. i have a few inside the barn and a few outside. the ones outside have a run and a hutch attached to it so they can hide and keep warm in. in the winter i will put a bit of hay in so they can keep warm plus they'll eat it and they add fat which will also keep em warm. in the summer they just get shavings in their hutch.

now for low maintenance no rabbit is low maintenance but some are more then other i find. some are messier and some are cleaner..and it's not certain breeds either. i have English spots and some are alot messier then other by far.

the only rabbit i can think of that can't be outside for say would be an Angora. but they aren't populaire either so no worry there. but anyother rabbit can basically be outside.

in less u get some MAJORLY COLD winters...then i would bring them into a barn or something for the cold winter days. but other than that they should be outside. it's better for them i think.What type of pet rabbit is low maintenance and can live outdoor?
Well...you would need a hutch and make sure it's animal proof. You would need a heat source and clean his hutch very few days because rabbits are messy. After considering all this..I don't think a rabbit is for you. Besides that, what's the point of keeping him outside if he is supposed to be a pet?What type of pet rabbit is low maintenance and can live outdoor?
you shouldnt put a rabbit outside. my rabbit was in one of those expensive hutch things , and a raccoon (or something like that) got to him and killed him.
i have heard rabbits are high mantenance and adults should be the one taking care of it oh and also heard they have heart attacks easily
No pet is low maintenance. If yoiu build a rabbit run, you can put any kind of rabbit in there. Just make sure there is adequate food and water, and shelter. Hay in the winter if it gets cold. The most popular type is Holland Lop,or Netherland.
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  • Can I leave my rabbit alone for 7 days?

    I'm going on holiday for 7 days. If I leave 7 days worth of food and 2 huge bottles full of water (1 bottles normally lasts about a week), a huge amount of hay (he eats this) and a couple of carrots, will my rabbit be OK? Do rabbits eat all their food at once, or do they only eat when they're hungry?Can I leave my rabbit alone for 7 days?
    It is quite irresponsible of you to leave you rabbit alone for 7 days, you should not have a rabbit if you can't get someone to look after it for you.Can I leave my rabbit alone for 7 days?
    Rabbits graze constantly .....so if the food is there he will eat it and I would really hate for you to come back and find that your rabbit has starved..

    get a friend to look after it or at least call around to check it...
    no rabbits do eat their food and stop when they are full. umm you may want to get a automattic feeder that will gernerously give out food for a certain amounts a day or twice depending on how often you feed him. he will heat the hay when he is hungry so yes im sure you can leave him alone. just have someone you know come over and check on him about half way through. oh and you may want to get him some toys for him to play with while you are gone since no one will be there to play with him. have fun on your break. oh and the water will be fine 2.
    I wouldn't risk it. Ask someone to check on him 2 or 3 times during the week.
    i have 3 rabbits and i never leave them alone

    but i guess that he will be alright

    my rabbits usually dont eat all of their food at once they will eat a bit then empty the food bowl at cage floor and when they are hungry they will eat it

    i always clean their cages every week so there is a lot of uneaten food left

    i dont know why but they like their hay and carrots more than their pellet diet
    no it will die leave it will a friend

    but don't leace it with a friend that may like to eat rabbit
    ogmygod! No! you can't leave it alone for a week. Would you leave a dog alone for a week? A rabbit will always eat whatever food they have in front of them in one sitting. That's why I feed mine in the morning and again at night. Please get a pet sitter.
    I would be more concerned about the water issue than the food tbh. Water should be changed daily due ot micro-organisms which develop after it has been standing.

    Leaving the water for a week at a time could possibly cause nasties in it which would make your rabbit sick - maybe not life threateningly so but sick all the same.

    Do you have a neighbour who wouldn't mind taking care of the water for you daily?
    rabbits eat when they are hungry just like humans. ANd it would be fine to leave your rabbit but if i were you i would have a neighbor or friend come and check on it every day or every 2 days. Rabbits need a lot of attention and it might get upset if it is all alone. Hope this helps!!! And have fun where ever you are going!!!
    ummm... i dont think that is a good idea... do u have a relative that you can ask to ';bunny-sit'; for u... dats wat i did... i made like daily instructions printed it out... gave them everything they needed and my phone number jus incase...
    Most likely he will eat it all at once and not realize he is full. I'm sure like humans, we do not know when we are full until we stop. But being a rabbit he won't think about how much he has eaten. I would have someone watch him if I were you.

    Hope that helps.

    How do I prepare rabbit to eat?

    I keep getting offered lots of unwanted pet rabbits free.How do I prepare rabbit to eat?
    Here's (hare's ; haha) a great site:


    When I was a kid, I recall mom ';browning'; the meat in a skillet with a little oil and seasonings, like garlic. Then it was slow cooked in pasta sauce. delicious!

    I also recall some of the bones being small %26amp; sharp. So be careful if you're feeding it to young children. I know it's a cliche',

    but it really does taste like chicken. So does squirrel ,also.

    Don't let anyone put you on a guilt trip for eating rabbit, squirrel, other wild game. Most are first level consumers and part of the food web anyhow. They're not an endangered species and since they're fertile all the time, they multiply like, well, rabbits.How do I prepare rabbit to eat?
    Keep them as pets or just dont take them eating them is cruel..Also your not allowed to eat rabbits bred as PETS its ILLEGAL!

    Can my Holland Lop rabbit have pet trail mix?

    I have a 7th month old Holland Lop named Dalilah. I have seen in stores that they have pet trail mix.I was wondering if its safe for her to have that. It looks like regular trail mix so im a lil worried if i should let her try it.Please let me know if you have any Information on this, Thanks.Can my Holland Lop rabbit have pet trail mix?
    The mixes are pet stores are not good for rabbits. They have a ton of seeds and nuts which can cause obesity and some other health problems.

    If you want to give your rabbit a treat, you can used some dried or fresh fruit (no sugar if possible), veggies or some healthy rabbit treats.Can my Holland Lop rabbit have pet trail mix?
    A rabbit should have no more than a tablespoon and a half of commercial rabbit pellets a day. The bulk of their diet MUST be timothy hay and a serving of appropriate greens like parsley, cilantro, carrot tops, kale, etc. with occasional small treats of carrot nubs, a slice of apple, or banana.

    I would stay away from any ';pet trail mix'; - too much sugary fruit and nuts, etc. Very high in calories and I don't think too good for the rabbit's intestinal tract. Dealing with intestinal problems with rabbits can be deadly and/or very expensive to treat.

    How do give my rabbit a bath?

    How would my 5 month old bunny get a bath?what would I need to do exactly. He is a adorable Dutch bunny who is very messy LOL. Please helpHow do give my rabbit a bath?
    Bathing a rabbit is NOT recommended as rabbits are naturally clean animals. But if you must, here are the steps to bathing a rabbit without getting bite marks all over your hands.

    ^Steps^Lay out a towel in your bathtub. Then, start trickling the water and get someone to hold your little friend. Make sure the water is warm, but not hot. Rabbit skin is very sensitive--so be careful.

    Leaving the bathtub unplugged, place your furry friend on the towel and make sure he/she doesn't escape. Do not place him/her under the water immediately. Start by using a shampoo specifically for small animals or kittens. Do NOT use human shampoo, not even baby shampoo! Gently massage the shampoo into the rabbits' fur. If he/she tries to bite you, don't be intimidated. Just continue to coat the


    Wash the rabbit's body only and when finished, rinse him off with clear water. Until water runs clear. Avoid the rabbit's ears, nose and mouth.

    Dry with a washcloth gently making sure not to rub or irritate his skin.

    If your rabbits' fur stays wet long, they can get sick in a breeze. You may use a hair dryer, set on low to dry the rabbit. Remember to ONLY use small animal shampoo. Human and baby shampoo could really harm your rabbit. If this is a bunny, try putting it off until it is a little older.

    @Tips@ Don't bathe your rabbit unless 110% necessary, as in when they've become sick and develop diarrhea, as it may stick in the fur. Rabbits clean themselves on a regular basis, so bathing should not be done.

    Talk to your rabbit in a calm voice that can reassure the rabbit.

    !!!!Warnings!!!! Do not submerge your rabbit!

    Your rabbit may be annoyed at you for a while.

    If not done properly, serious injuries can occur.

    Rabbits can kick hard enough to break their own backs so don't scare them.

    Rabbits are easily shocked and bathing them can be overly stressful, and can kill them. Only bathe your rabbit when it's absolutely necessary.How do give my rabbit a bath?
    You shouldn't give a rabbit a bath. If the rabbit is dirty, you can spot clean with a damp cloth or a pet wipe.

    If your rabbit cannot groom itself, you should probably go see a rabbit savvy vet as something is wrong. You should talk with a rabbit vet before you bathe a rabbit. They can help you to do it properly so you don't stress the rabbit too much.
    Aww poor little man!

    Don't feel bad about needing to bath him, experts oppinions vary as much as the rabbits like or dislike of baths does!

    Definately do not use any shampoos etc which are made for human use..

    Buy a shampoo for small animals such as Bob Martin My Little Friend shampoo....specially formulated for rabbits and other small animals.

    First make sure that the recepticle you are going to use is only half full of lukewarm water (test this with your elbow...if it feels hot to your elbow add some cold water) and then bring your bunny to the bath.

    Don't fill it up with the rabbit already in there or he/she will get frightened....and Don't put any shampoo in it.

    Next hold your rabbit in a way that makes him/her feel safe and gently and slowly lower him into the water (back feet first), so that it understands that it is getting wet...Do not plunge it straight in as this will shock the rabbit and it may not forgive you for a long time!

    Once the rabbit is in the water, gently pour some water over his back using your cupped hand....always keep the other hand in the water and close or stroking the rabbit so that it knows you are there...

    Place a pea-sized blob of shampoo into your hand and rub onto the animals back etc ... then wash off with the cupped hand method as mentioned.

    Once all the shampoo is removed, gently lift your pet out of the water and towel dry...

    Leave the water in the bowl / sink until you have dried your rabbit and he is safely back in his cage as the sound of water going down a plug hole can be scarey to small animals.

    Never Ever leave him in the water unsupervised and if possible have someone nearby so you can have help if you need it.

    If he appears to be stressed by sitting in water then an alternative would be to take a wet face towel and use that instead...

    Which ever method you decide on make sure he is properly dried off afterwards.

    Never use a hair dryer on your rabbit as this can be very stressful...always towel dry gently.

    Have Fun!

    P.S...Wet Bunnies look adorable *Grin*
    DO NOT give your rabbit a bath.

    rabbits clean themselves, so it shouldnt be a problem. As for that right side, just take a damp towel and wash it every now and then, if he really cant groom it himself.

    dont ever submerge a rabbit in water, though. they can clean themselves !

    Which Car should i get the Honda fit or the vw rabbit?

    i know that the honda is slower then the vw rabbit. am looking for something that is reliable and isn't going to give me alot of problems since i'll be taking out a loan to get one. i know the honda has better gas per mileage then the rabbit but not by much. so any suggestions?Which Car should i get the Honda fit or the vw rabbit?
    I was deciding between the same two cars and went with the Honda Fit.

    VW, as others mentioned, doesn't have a history of being reliable, whereas Honda has a pretty good reputation. In fact, my friend's 3-year old jetta just had some major engine problems.

    The VW is more powerful, but the Fit isn't weak. It's handles well around corners and is zippy at low speeds.

    Even though the VW looks bigger, I felt cramped inside. The organization of the Fit makes it appear as if there is more space and I really enjoy the big wide windows.

    Among the subcompact cars (xA, Yaris, Versa), reviews commonly pick the Fit as the best.

    Also, if something does go wrong, many Honda parts are plentiful and relatively inexpensive.

    Maybe check out Scion xD too. mpg is about the same and it's a little more powerful.Which Car should i get the Honda fit or the vw rabbit?
    You could just get a sardine can!

    Those cars are so small, why bother-
    The Rabbit is designed for a fun ride, it has a sport style suspension and alright power.

    The Fit is a purely functional vehicle, not nearly as much fun but it gets the job done.

    Reliability goes to Honda on this one. VW is improving themselves, give the Rabbit a couple years and it will probably be a great car; but I wouldnt touch the first few years of it.
    The Honda will be more reliable and have a better resale value at the end of your loan.

    VW don't score very high in the reliability ratings.